Friday, February 18, 2011

Grow it!!!

Ok, seriously, only Martha Stewart's garden looks THIS good:
And here is a picture of the below-referenced asparagus we will be growing...I still have no camera cord, and I know you want a visual...

One of the things we hoped for most at the new house was "to farm"...and by that, I mean "to grow lots of healthy stuff to eat and raise lots of productive animals..." We don't really like to feed and water stuff that doesn't produce anything for us...

But, you know what? We totally forgot about that the last six months with the baby, and moving, and the basic maintenance of life...and, you know, you get into a routine, and farming doesn't really fit into it, so you don't do it.

THEN, on our date night last night (thanks in-laws!), Scott says as though it is a revelation, "Hey, remember we were going to save money by growing our own food???""

"OH YAH!" came my excited response!

So today, I am starting our asparagus patch...because I love asparagus and I don't mind stinky pee...did you know that asparagus has no first year harvest? Interesting no? Here's the link on Asparagus Patch stuff: Oh Martha, I adore you so...

And, because two years is a long time and I'm impatient, I am also growing these "easy to grow" cool weather crops: Teton spinach, Kentucky brown beans, Danvers half long carrots, and Sugar Ann Peas. (Inspiration for "easy to grow" taken from here: Thanks again Martha!

We already have artichokes, radishes and other sugar peas growing, but nothing on a scale that would save us any dinero. We got some free four year old horse poo from a cattle ranchin' buddy of Scott's and our compost is ready to add in!

Here we gooooooooooo (Disney reference--anyone?)...


  1. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get busy on planning my garden for this year that I had been so excited about before the pace of my life picked up as well (with the same high hopes and intentions as yours!) ...

  2. We are just pulling up our winter garden, getting the last of our broccoli and cauliflower. We had lettuce and cabbage late fall. We are thinking of what to plant for spring/summer now. My grandma had an asparagus patch when I was growing up, I did not appreciate it then, wish it was still arounds as asparagus is my favorite veggie but it is so expensive.