Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fix One Setback

Fix One: Master Bedroom Bleckiness

You know, I think lots of people have a room like this...that room that you walk into and go...bleh...

That's our master much potential and space galore...but you know, we throw our underwear...I mean...clothes...on the floor, the kids throw their toys and towels, and sippy cups...oh you probably think we're slobs, but that's OK...I like transparency...I believe the latest catch word is "authentic." That's me..authentic.

Oh, I neaten it up once a month when my sweet mommies from Mommies in the Word meet in there with me. They all huddle close for fear that one of the many mismatched fabrics will attack them...I am especially sympathetic to my many mommy friends with an eye for decorating...I think their time here each month is probably especially challenging, but it grows their character as they work on not judging that's good.

So, anyway, some of the things that make me uninspired are the brass sconces on the wall, the lack of consistent fabric choice (read: random colors everywhere), and my husband's nightstand of horrendousness--the little table itself, but also all the random cords and stuff everywhere--cell phone plug, TWO alarm clocks??? (Why have I never noticed or asked about this strange practice???), the overflowing laundry basket...

Sounds overwhelming, but anything is until you break it down.

Today, I tackled two things...the nightstand, and the sconces...

SETBACK ONE: Did you know it is helpful to your husband when you pull something with wires out of the wall if you remember which wires go where? Because apparently they are not "color coated"....

Please standby...


  1. Our master is our problem area too, whenever I do not know what to do with something, I throw it in our room.

  2. I know, I'm commenting on an old post, but I have something to say about this, so here goes:
    When I was in the middle of little people and hectic everydays I decided to start with one room and make that room a haven, then move on to another...if that was possible.
    I started with the master bedroom for lots of reasons:
    1)Husband relationship is Priority #1
    2)I need calm & peaceful corner in my world
    3)Focus on couple time - easier w/out distractions
    4)Fairly easy to clean up & keep clean (sometimes have to move out furniture, computers, etc. to assist in moving the family out of this room)
    You can probably think of more reasons....
    THIS WAS SUCH A GREAT THING TO DO, had many positive consequences. I highly recommend doing what you can with your resources (read: very little time, even less $$) and then work daily to keep it that way.
    Good Luck (if anyone even reads this!)

  3. Thank you Lori for all your comments! I read them all as they get sent directly to my email. Some I will pass on to friends who might benefit if you don't mind!! Thanks for the reminder. The master is getting trashed again as we speak!

  4. I am excited to know what you did with the sconces. I always thought they were bleh too. Keep up the good work. Love your new blog and am enjoying your writing talents so much. Love to all. Oh yeah and Addie in the dog's water dish ---- that just cracked me up.

  5. Oh Rhonda, they look SO cool now! I can't wait til that stinkin' camera cord comes! I hope you like them!!!