Monday, February 21, 2011

Dishwasher Soap Replaceent

Problem: We ran out of dishwasher soap before I put in my Melaleuca order.

We order all our cleaning stuff (and drug store type stuff) from an eco-friendly company called Melaleuca.

But, I forgot to order dishwashing soap last month and I just squeezed out the last little droplets about a week ago.

At first, I thought my fix would be to just wash the dishes by hand, but that didn't happen.


Last night, out of desperation, I put a mixture of apple cider vinegar and the juice of one lemon (thanks for the wonderful lemons Deb!) in the dishwasher soap dispenser.

And you know what? I think my dishes are cleaner than they have ever been!

Weird, but true. Try it if you're in a pinch!


  1. LOVE IT!!! I now have a dishwasher after 12 years of doing them by hand...I've already ran out of soap once!! ;)

  2. ooohh. I am going to try this. awesome!