Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Mudroom/Laundry Room of Happiness

Here are some more pictures of my frugal redo of the mudroom (really, a mud area when compared to some blogged mudrooms I've recently seen), pantry, and laundry room. I adore having a place big enough to write out ideas and verses and menu plans, etc. Whatever strikes my fancy for the day, up it goes and I get to look at it all day! LOVE that! Here is the boot tray and a bench that used to be blue, which was weathered from being outdoors for quite a while. I spray painted it oil rubbed bronze (which apparently translates to shimmery black). The bench is perfect for little bummies to sit and put on or take off shoes. Scott loves that he has a place for his muddy farm boots.
A closer look at the chalkboard wall and mirror...
And the window area, with a stupid flash in the window. Here, I was given the tray by a dear sweet friend, the flowers are from Wally Mart, the lamp was given to me also by a dear friend, and the Pepsi sign has been hanging out around the garage for years. The valance was a yard sale find and the clock came with the house.

This room is my favorite in the house so far...althought I still don't care to do laundry (you'll note the washer and dryer are not pictured because they are covered in full baskets of dirty and clean cothes, haphazardly strewn about...bleh...laundry...I really don't like it.) I thought perhaps I would suddenly love doing laundry once the room was done, but no. It's really nice in there though. And I love love love my chalkboard wall!!! So I think I'll regularly walk in with my back to the washer and dryer, stare at my favorite wall and go right back out again. :)


  1. I was just telling Oscar yesterday that we need to make a "landing" area where things can be dropped orderly. The shoes and the backpacks all over the house are driving me CRAZY. I'm thinking something in the garage for a solution. LOVE the wall!!

  2. The room looks great Tara. Good job!