Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Nooks and Crannies

Some parts of the house just make me smile. This little table with room for my latest reading material and devotions, the bread machine, and lamp, just makes me smile. Emma loves it too. I also took an old bulletin board, spray painted the frame black, covered it in fabric, and put up all my important information. Menu and Cleaning Plans, Priorities and Family Foci (right? That's the plural of focus??), Exercise Schedule, etc. I also put black ribbon along the edge so I didn't have to be too precise with the fabric.
I also love this breakfast nook table. And I love the wonderful list of "Be's" in the corner. This is where we spend a lot of the day, and I'm glad. It has a great natural light from the front and a view of the horse stables across the street. Our hummingbird feeder is hanging right outside so we can watch them feed while WE feed! :)
We purchased the nook table on Craig's List for a mere $100!! The wall hanging was made by a friend for a friend and I CHERISH it. It reads, "Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be Clean, Be True, Be Humble, Be Prayerful." Can't get better than that!!


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